MSM Industries, Inc. is a small business specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced technology materials and custom RF / microwave absorbers. Located in Riverside, California this modern facility houses materials design and manufacturing.

We also perform compression molding, resin transfer, film & adhesive lamination services and RF Materials performance testing at this location. The Riverside facility is approved and equipped for "Need-to-Know" military work.

MSM Industries, Inc. is a key supplier of RF Microwave Absorbing Materials for numerous defense programs. Our absorbers are being utilized on many military platforms and applications.

Northrup Grumman Award

MSM Industries, Inc. receives Nothhrop Grumman Corporation Certificate of Achievement


MSM Industries, Inc.has developed proprietary materials and techniques for frequency staggering, vibration isolation, shielding, masking, directing, dampening & absorbing. We can solve virtually any signature management challenge.

MSM Industries, Inc. offers a full spectrum of materials development, design engineering, and manufacturing services. We can conceptualize, design, test and deploy a full compliment of signature management materials for virtually any threat scenario and weapons systems environment.

We also offer low dielectric materials, composites, molded and extruded elastomeric products, radar absorbing structures (RAS), special films and ground plane materials. Our defense products also include conductive tape materials as well as conductive gap fillers and sealants. Our broadband absorbers are available in a full line of shapes and sizes to meet the the most stringent program requirements.

Our custom epoxy absorbers are high performance, lightweight and durable. We can apply integrated ground plane materials and special surface treatment films depending on the customer application and environment. Our resin systems are easily cast and molded into complex three dimensional shapes as well as large one-piece contoured configurations. Our materials can also be machined and water jet cut.

All of our products are shipped with Certificates of Conformance and appropriate test data. We are an SBA certified small business and meet FAR 19.702. We look forward solving your problems.